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Deepika Padukone : launches Tanishq’s “Queen of Hearts” collection

Tanishq present their new ‘Queen of Hearts’ collection with the Queen of Bollywood , Deepika Padukone. Tanishq Categorizing their collection into ‘Moods of a Queen’ and ‘The Queen’s Charm’

THE COLLECTION is flawlessly crafted designs in luxurious gold, while the diamonds accentuate them shine like the stars that blaze in the night sky. Unrivalled in beauty, the designs undeniably celebrate the woman that adorns the collection, one truly fit for the Queen of Hearts . From the many exquisite pieces in the collection , Deepika Padukone has selected a few that make her feel like the Queen of Hearts.

Crafted for the Queen of Hearts, the design inspirations behind the collection take shape
in beautiful floral, mesh and droplet patterns.

Lets have a look at tannish new collection –

  • First Look


  • Second Look



  • Third Look


  • Fourth Look






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