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Kim Kardashian West : She’s Over CONTOURING it’s all about “NONTOURING”and “STROBING” right now

This weekend at The Vogue 100 Festival, she told attendees she’s over contouring and heavy makeup too. “I just wore too much makeup, I loved false eyelashes and used to pile them on, but now I’m really into nontouring…I’m trying to wear less makeup and my husband loves it,” she said. “Now I strobe with highlighter rather than using a bronzer to contour as it just looks too heavy, I’m going for a lighter makeup look now.”

“I’ll always contour my nose. I know people think I’ve had a nose job but it really is just makeup!”

She told the audience, that she stock “Joe Blasco foundation, a Smashbox bronzer and a little MAC Kabuki brush.” in her makeup bag now .

Her longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic is also in on the “less is more” vibe. “I’m honestly so fed up with the whole extreme contouring thing,” he told us at an event recently, along with a few tips about strobing. “Highlighting has been around forever,” he says. “But not many women out there are going to look amazing with a ton of highlight on their face and no dimension. So do it, but do it in moderation. Nothing too heavy. The less shimmery the better—especially in the daytime.”


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