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No Lashes, No Lipstick and No Extensions : Kim Kardashian at the 2016 Webby Awards

Kim Kardashian is known for always having a sexy smokey eye, killer contour, and the most luminous highlight. For the Webby Awards on May 16, she followed suit in her usual look, but with a twist! The bombshell opted for a more natural look, wearing a brown smokey instead, no lipstick, and a light, bronzy glow.



“What did you think of my look?” Kim asked her followers last night after accepting her award. “I did no fake lashes, no hair extensions, no lipstick, no jewelry.”  Sometimes it’s nice to give your face a break and just rock what you’ve got, and Kim definitely makes it look easy. A little glam can go a long way!


She had the most luminous bronzy glow, a soft brown smokey eye, thick, full brows and a nude lip — literally nude! With barely any makeup on, Kim’s natural beauty definitely shined through, which makes this fresh look a MUST for the summer time. No one wants a full face on when it’s a steamy summer night!


Kim and Mario are always joking around with each other when he’s getting her glam’d up, and their little banter was no different for the night of the Webby awards. Kim jokingly said Mario was being lazy and that’s why she sported such a fresh look, but we’re not fooled here! Mario knows, like the rest of us do, that KiKi doesn’t need much!

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