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ZARA launched its New Sustainable Collection entitled #JoinLife

According to Zara , Sustainable collection , “embraces a woman who looks into a more sustainable future.” Lets understand what acctualy sustainable collection is and why it is different from zara other collection, Zara explains that the every piece of the collection are “made with materials such as organic cotton, recycled wool, and Tencel, which reduce our environmental impact.” 

Selected pieces mainly made of Tencel, a wood fiber extracted from forests that are sustainably managed, guaranteeing its reforestation . The collection is ” a fusion of masculine and feminine style which defines clean silhouettes and a colour palette inspired by mineral tones.

Expounding on the sustainability of these fabrics, Zara clarified, “the farming process of organic cotton consumes 90% less water than convention cotton.” , clothing that respects the environment .

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                        GATHERED WAIST JUMPSUIT


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                       DRAPED DRESS


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                             CROSSOVER DRESS


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                        RELAXED FIT TROUSERS


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                        BOAT NECK TOP


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